Strange Dream

I woke up this morning after having a pretty weird dream. I don’t usually remember my dreams so I think it’s a good idea to note this one down while I can still remember it.

I start off, I’m running down a road, and there are other people running with me. I do not recognize any of them, and I do not recognize the location. I turn around and see a dragon, it is flying behind me and breathing fire and it has just incinerated several other people who were running with me. I run even harder to try to escape.

I get the distinct impression that the dragon wants me personally. It’s not interested in anyone else. At the end of the road is a red bricked detached house. I run towards it, and narrowly escape a burst of flame breath by running around the corner of the house.

I continue going around to the back of the house. When I’m there I see a place I can hide, a large wooden pallet, the ones that they use fork lift trucks to move around, was leaning against the back wall and I quickly crawled into the space between the pallet and the wall and hoped that would be enough.

Viewing through the slits in the pallet I saw the dragon appear, having flew right over the house, and then saw it turn around looking for me. I must have hidden well enough because it gave up after what seemed like about a minute of circling above, and flew off ahead.

After It had flown away I crawled out of my hiding spot, ran back to the front of this house and knocked on this door. I shouted out “Please, let me in. I need to come in”. One of the front windows opened right up. I started climbing in, I noticed it was almost completely dark inside the house, and the person who opened the window for me looked like a middle-aged woman in he 30’s. Then I woke up.

I don’t usually get dreams this intense, or If I do, I don’t remember them. It was scary, but I wish it didn’t end where it did. It’s like a horror serial, and my brain just plastered a big “To be continued” sign at the end of that sequence. Maybe it’s a good idea for me to use this in a short story, and continue the story myself. We’ll see.

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