My thoughts on the EU referendum in UK

For those who may not know, the population of the UK will be having a vote soon, June 23rd, to decide if we shall stay in the EU or leave. I am voting to stay in the EU and here I will outline my reasons why.

Immigration: For me it’s a non issue. A world without any borders whatsoever is something I would love to see in my lifetime, but know I probably won’t. If one person is looking for a better life for him or herself and they’re willing to travel hundreds of miles to get it, then I wish that person the best of luck. I don’t care where that person came from originally.
Some people think overcrowding is an issue. I agree with them, but it’s not a national issue. It’s a global one. The population of humans on our planet right now is far too many to be realistically sustainable in the long run.

The rise of nationalism is dangerous: Extremely dangerous in my opinion. The idea that we should look out for ourselves first, and damn everyone else is so utterly heartless I want to cry. We already have it good in this country, it could be better, but I don’t think that we should be pushing ourselves up at the expense of our neighbours. We should be trying to include even more into the EU even if it weakens us as a whole, because in the long run it will lead to a much better world for everyone, for our children, and our grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren. If Britain pulls out of the EU there is a danger that other countries will also try to do the same. World politics will go back to how things were 70 years ago, and World War III will no longer look like it may happen, it will become an almost guaranteed certainty, then we’ll have our united world, but it’ll be ruled by martial law. I hope I won’t be alive to witness that happening.

Jobs and economy: because these two are closely linked I’ll put them together. Workers rights are better in EU. One of the selling points of the leave campaign is that EU regulations are making it hard for employers to recruit people, but I think we need those regulations to ensure that workers are kept safe and treated fairly. Even if it means I’ll have a harder time finding work myself. I still think we need them.

Environmental issues: Because of our membership with the EU we have cleaner air and water and lower greenhouse gas emissions. If we leave the EU big companies will say screw those pesky EU regulations, we don’t need to follow them anymore, let’s just concentrate on maximising our profits, and the government will probably just let them, because it will make them richer too. And at the bottom of the ladder the person working for minimum wage is forced to live in even poorer conditions, and the world itself ends up dying just a little bit faster. Again this is something I hope I don’t live to see.

Final thoughts: The biggest threats to human life we are facing right now are global. Global warming, sea levels rising, weather patterns becoming more unpredictable, antibiotic resistant bacteria. These issues are not going to be solved if we split apart from one another. We need all the best minds to be able to work together to solve these issues, or we will be most likely be extinct in a couple of hundred years, or at least very close to it. Either we tackle this together or we don’t tackle it at all.

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