Utter Madness

Right this moment. I do not care where you stand on the EU referendum. Leave, Stay, Undecided. All of that pales to the tragic events which happened today. I hope neither side tries to score political points from this incident.

Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen was shot and killed today and there are reports that the man who shot her shouted “Britain first” at the scene. Shooting someone because they have a different opinion on something than you is just utter madness. I don’t understand what drives someone to do something like this.

It is very frightening. I hope this doesn’t spark other like-minded individuals to take up this kind of action themselves. And coupled with the recent events in Orlando where people were being shot because of who they loved. None of these victims were causing any harm. Jo was there today answering questions and giving advice to her constituents, a politician dong the job she was elected for is something we don’t see enough of and now she has been taken away from her loved ones and the people she served. I am appalled.

My heart goes out towards this woman’s family and friends in this difficult time.

One thought on “Utter Madness

  1. Too late (for the scoring political points thing). Of course people will use this tragedy to do just that and from comments I’ve seen online, it’s already happening. It’s just horrible that such a seemingly genuine and hard working politician has been lost (and one that had a bright future in the Labour Party from what I’ve read). I despair at what this world is coming to,


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