Two great opportunities

I have two good chances coming soon to show what I can do with my voice and guitar. On friday morning I am booked into a studio recording session to record a song I wrote myself, The Girl Inside, I’ll probably record it in the key of A major. I wrote it originally to be played in G major but it’s a simple matter to transpose it up a step. I’ve been training my voice over the past few weeks so I can sing in a higher pitch more comfortably for longer periods of time.

The other opportunity is a gig In August where I will be playing for an hour in front of an unknown sized crowd of people, probably more than I’ve performed in front of before. At most I’ve performed in front of about 50 people at any one time, and they were mostly university students. I’ll have to plan this upcoming set list very well because I’m sure there will be people there of all ages, and it’s a carnival theme event so I need to make sure I sing songs that are children friendly. It’s a good challenge and I’m looking forward to the day very much.

The recording session is free of charge, which is really great for me because I have no money coming in at the moment. The trade-off is that I agree to the studio using the session for demo purposes so they can build their website portfolio. I’m pretty sure I’m getting the better end of the deal. If the recording is of high enough quality I will try to get some local radio stations to play my song. And if that goes well I’ll try taking it nationally. It is my first song though so it’s best not to get my hopes up, and just go there and try to enjoy the experience.

One thought on “Two great opportunities

  1. I think it is good to think big but have realistic expectations. You’ll do great and I look forward to hearing the session.


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