Recording session second attempt

I was supposed to have a recording session for one of the songs I wrote Friday. That didn’t happen. When I got to the studio at the time we arranged the studio was closed and the door was locked. I tried knocking and there was no answer. I tried telephoning and there was no answer. I was very disappointed, and was also feeling angry because of the result of the EU referendum. The only consolation was that I never gave them any money, so I didn’t lose anything. I was really looking forward to it though, and it put a downer on most of my weekend.

When I gave this news to a friend though he asked if there were other studios I could go to do the recording and offered to pay for it for me. I found one that will do the recording and mixing for £40. I’ve booked in for this Friday, and I hope that I won’t get a repeat of what happened last time.

My plan then for all of this week is to practice at least an hour each day, just on this one song. It’s already very well practiced and in a good place, but If I can make some improvements between now and Friday that will make the whole experience better. I will be asking for advice from the studio on how best to approach the local radio stations to ask them if they will play the song, providing the recording goes well. And however it goes I intend to share the song, probably via YouTube, with my friends and anyone else who chooses to listen. I will also continue to write more material and get more recordings done in the future.


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