June summary

The bulk of this month has been me kinda focussed on the EU referendum and its result. I am shocked and terrified because of the result being in favour of the UK leaving the EU, but I am hopeful that Article 50 will still be blocked, either by a second referendum, or by our MP’s voting it out of parliament.

I really haven’t made much progress in my transition this month except for a little improvement coming from my voice training. I bought a couple more items of clothing though, silly me I bought them a size too small. I hope that I will be able to fit into them at a later date though. I am dieting and losing the pounds slowly, so I am hopeful.

I am registered with a housing association now, and hope in the near future I can get out of this overcrowded accommodation I am in now into something more suitable, in an area with better transport links. Having my own apartment will also give me the freedom to explore my transition better with no risks of backlash occurring to those I care about.

This month has also been an interesting one for my guitar playing and singing. I secured a gig in August which I am very excited about. I was supposed to have 1 recording session in the middle of this month, but that didn’t happen due to the recording studio messing(not my first choice of verb) me about. I secured a booking at a different recording studio though and so will have my very first song recorded tomorrow. I’m confident, and looking forward to the experience.

All my love and hugs and kisses go out to everyone of you for reading my blog. I hope you all have a great Summer.



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