Should we have a 2nd EU referendum?

If you are living in the UK you probably know by now that there is a petition asking our government to hold a second EU referendum because the result of the vote was so close. This petition has gained over 4 million signatures and it has only been 7 days since the referendum.

The campaign on the referendum was filled with dodgy information, lack of facts, and blatant lies. Both sides are guilty, but the Leave camp were worse. When experts were calling the Leave campaigners lies for what they were the retort was the experts could be wrong, because they’ve been wrong before. Oh yes? how many times has Boris Johnson been wrong before? and Michael Gove? and don’t get me started on Nigel Farage.

The biggest Lie of them all was “Vote Leave: Take Back Control”. The voters aren’t taking back control of anything. One of the Leave points was to take power away from unelected bureaucrats. Ironic that we are now going to have a new Prime Minister in a few months who hasn’t been elected. The only person taking control will be this new prime minister, or perhaps Nicola Sturgeon, taking Scotland out of the UK and staying in the EU, and who would blame her for doing so?

It has been reported that over 1 million people who voted leave now wish they could change their vote. If all of them did just that, and no Remain voters changed their vote, then Remain would have come out on top of the referendum. We’d have Nigel Farage calling out on the sidelines then for a second referendum, which he said he would if the result was this close, but it’s funny how he hasn’t stood up for the second referendum now that his side has won. Or at least it would be funny if I was on the outside looking in. But from where I’m sitting, in the heart of South Wales it’s not very funny at all.

If the result was 52-48 the other way I would have said, go ahead, have the second referendum, because I would not be feeling threatened that Leave might win. I knew it was going to be tight, but I was still shocked that Leave edged it. And now that the lies are finally being exposed, and not just exposed but being seen for what they really were by the voting public Leave campaigners do not want this second referendum because they know they will lose. Should we have the second referendum? I signed the petition, but no, we really shouldn’t. We just need our MP’s to vote against any and all propositions to invoke Article 50.

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