UK down the plughole

With Andrea Leadsom withdrawing from the Conservative party leadership race Theresa May will be the next UK prime minister and she seems committed to following through with Brexit. I despair at the thought of the future of this country outside the EU. Andrea Leadsom would have been a worse choice, but my only hope right now is that this causes a snap general election to take place, as we have now an unelected prime minister who will have to make probably the most important decision for this country of this century. Whether or not to invoke article 50.

I cannot find a single expert who says we will be better off economically if we leave the EU. Immigration will not be controlled, even though before the referendum the leave campaigners were saying that it would be, they quickly changed their tune after the results came in. Spending on the NHS will not be increased, even though they said that it would be. And I need the NHS now more than ever as I try to cope with my depression and my Gender Dysphoria.

I want to run away. Escape to Germany, or America, or anywhere else but here. Brittania is a sinking ship and I fear I will be dragged under the water with it.

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