Do GREAT! things

I haven’t written in a while and I hope to rectify this with an extra extra extra long post today (only joking).

Today has been a really great day for me. I had some rather disappointing news yesterday concerning my unemployment benefits, I’m getting a lot less money than I expected to get from a back dated claim that I made, but today almost makes up for that.

In the morning I got up as normal, showered, shaved, put my make up on, ready to go out because I was volunteering today. A scheme to get people who are IT illiterate some basic IT skills. This was a taster session to see how I go and if I would like doing this particular activity. I’m very happy to say I enjoyed it there. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, it got me out of the house, and meeting new people, and I even got to help people too which is excellent.

We had a bit of a hiccup with the software we were using, one of our users tried to log in with the wrong username/password details too many times and ended up locking everyone out of the system for 30 minutes because the server thought it was under attack. Still, it was a valuable experience because it showed them one of the (many) things that can go wrong with computers that is (mostly) beyond your control.

After that session I went to meet a friend for lunch and relaxation. Nothing too exciting, Burger King, not my favourite places to eat, but the steakhouse burger meal I had was good enough to fill the hole in my stomach at the time. I have very recently come out to all my friends on social media, and we talked about that, she wasn’t surprised to find out about me because she thought I was already girly, in the way I walk, talk, and other little things I do, like playing with my hair. It was nice to hear that from her because it confirms the way I’ve been feeling for the past great many years.

After then we had a couple of games of Pool and a couple of drinks, Lemonade only, nothing alcoholic, I stopped drinking alcohol months ago, and she has never started which I think is awesome for her. I congratulated her on her recent graduation from university, She got a First in her Physics degree, which is really great. I’m more than a little jealous. I’m also Jealous of her beautiful hair. so thick, and shiny. Mine is shiny sometimes, but for the wrong reasons. Hopefully hormones will help with that.

It’s a shame that the day had to end as I was having such a great time. She texted me afterwards when I was travelling back home on the bus to tell me she had a great time. And that made me really happy. I finished off the day by playing some of my video games, and I achieved one of my goals on one of the games I was playing which was a really nice way to end the day.

One of my friends who I’ve known the longest has a saying he likes to use repeatedly:

‘Do GREAT! things’

I think I’ve done that today. And I hope you all will also do Great things in your lives.

Love, hugs and kisses,


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