More adventures with hair removal

So a while ago I commented on how things went with shaving, for the first time, and have mentioned it a couple of times since then too. Shaving is getting easier with practice, but blades are really expensive (for good ones).

I recently tried a couple of depilatory creams, one for body use and another for my face. Neither of them worked particularly well, the body one was better though. Reason the face one didn’t work very well is probably due to the higher density of hairs on the face for those of us with Testosterone poisoning. But shaving worked better than both of these.

Another thing I tried is a product called shinylegs. That worked really well, but does not last any longer than shaving, it’s about equal to shaving I would say, but it left my skin feeling really raw afterwards, which persisted for a couple of days. I tried it once more once my skin calmed down again, but same thing happened again, so annoying.

I’m going to try self waxing next with some Veet wax strips bought off amazon. I’ll shave tonight, then let my hair grow for 3 days, exfoliate with a cream by Clinique also bought on Amazon, then wax the day after. and see how that goes. I’m hopeful this method will work for me, if I cannot get it done properly first time myself, and there are no bad reactions (like the raw skin I had from shinylegs) I’ll consider getting my legs waxed at a salon. But that will leave even less money in my pocket for other things, like food, and clothes.. hmm.. maybe I’ll just go everywhere in my birthday suit and go for that stick insect figure… then again, maybe not.

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