He called me ma’am

I have been working on feminising my voice since I began my transition but I haven’t had any appointments with a speech therapist yet. However for the first time, speaking to someone on the phone today at the end of the call he said

“Thank you ma’am”

I feel like I still have a long way to go, I am not convinced I sound feminine enough when outside and have caught myself on a great many times going into a deeper register than intended when speaking. It is hard work, but I will continue to work at it and practice a lot.

Seeing a speech therapist, preferably one who has experience working with trans women, is one of my target outcomes for the meeting with the psychiatrist coming up, 3 weeks more to wait for that. At the moment though I am happy that I was called ma’am this once. It has given me a little extra hope that the hours of practice I am doing are going to be worth it.

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