How I feel about the EU referendum three months later

I feel that the vote to Leave was a racist vote. I will never be able to forgive those who voted this way, for the damage they have done to this country, the damage that is yet to be inflicted, and the selfish nature of the vote itself.

If you voted leave you voiced an opinion of:

“To hell with the rest of the world. I will shut you all out, you can fend for yourselves and I will do the same. I do not care about your struggles. I do not care if you starve to death. You do not deserve my support. My life is worth more than your life”

Even if leaving the EU makes Britain stronger, if it weakens the rest of the world, it is still the wrong decision. Borders are outdated. The sooner we stop thinking of someone as Russian, Turkish, American, British, African, Asian, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Cis, Trans, Male, Female the better we all will be.

PEOPLE are PEOPLE. and every one of us has an equal right to live and breathe who are brought into this world. Technological advances are very close to a stage where everyone should be able to live comfortably, never going hungry, or thirsty, with room for a couple of small luxuries. But those with power and money do not want to share their money and power. They would rather see those worse off than them continue to suffer than to help create a more equal society.

UK pulling out of the EU is a step backwards for the whole world. I am sorry to see this happening in my lifetime, and angry that people I care about voted for this to happen, and are either blind to the consequences of their vote, or simply uncaring. I don’t know which is worse. The dystopian future is becoming a dystopian present and I am extremely afraid of things to come.

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