Being a girl is hard

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I thought the hardest part would be dealing with Transphobic BS. This is actually the easiest bit, I simply ignore those who cannot, or will not accept me, and enjoy the time I spend with loving friends and family. Thankfully I have had very few negative reactions anyway, so that has made things a lot easier on that front.

The hard parts of being a girl though that I have found:

Makeup: I didn’t know how hard makeup would be. It’s quite a learning process, a fun one though. you do not want to see what I looked like the first time I tried to put on eyeshadow. It was horrendous. I got the hang of lipstick quite quickly though, and I love it. I like the way it feels on my lips, I like the look of myself in the mirror when I am wearing it, I feel like a real girl when I’m dolled up. Foundation was another easy one to get to grips with, YouTube tutorials helped me out a lot and I found a technique that works great for me, and I was able to find the right shade and type of foundation for my skin type with the help of shop assistants, so things are good there.

Hair removal: I hate it, I love how my legs and arms feel after a shave, how smooth, and I find myself touching myself a lot afterwards because of how much I love the way my skin feels. but it grows back too quickly, and I cannot afford waxing treatments for these areas of my body, it is so annoying. My facial hair is another matter again, I can never get the shave close enough, and because my hairs are dark and my skin is light, it’s very hard to hide the shadow even after the closest shaves. I’ve tried colour correcting, but not had any success so far. Concealers help quite a bit more than that so that’s what I have been using for the most part.

Clothing: Clothing designed for women is expensive in most places. I have resorted to charity shops so that almost my entire wardrobe is second-hand. I have some nice clothes, but I see something I like in some shops, and then I see the price tag, and I die a little inside each time. Some Mens clothes are expensive too, but it’s nowhere near as bad as what women put up with. And then there is underwear. I don’t tuck. not that I find it uncomfortable. I just feel it is unnecessary. I wear skirts always now, and the underwear I wear keeps my parts close to my body so unless somebody knows already what I have down there they cannot tell. Bras are a different story, it’s hard to get them to fit comfortably AND at the same time give a realistic look. I’ve recently been told I’m wearing them too high, and after asking around this does appear to be the case, and I never realised it. I’m going to start wearing them a bit lower, and hope that I don’t get discomfort from wearing them too low.

Conclusion: I still have a lot to learn. But I am confident that I will get through this process, just got to take things slowly, and be patient, and probably spend more time practicing my makeup skills.

Love, hugs and kisses,



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