About Me

I am a 32 year old trans-female living in the uk. I enjoy many things, but my biggest passion is music. I sing, and play the guitar. At the moment my voice is still male, but I am training my voice to increase my range, and sound more feminine.

What you will find here is much like a public diary. I will write about anything significant about my transition, and probably quite a few things insignificant too. I will also cover other things that affect my life which may not directly be related to the transition, but I hope you’ll find interesting.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have. I will try to answer every one, however if I get a bunch of people asking roughly the same thing, then I’ll probably do another blog post to give a group answer. I would also love to hear about experiences of other people, if you are transgender, or know someone who is transgender, then please do contact me. my email address is autumndust@zoho.com.